Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm back

Something was going on and I couldn't log in or post, but seems they fixed it. Why is it we always feel it is something we are doing wrong. We check and recheck our work and think what am I doing? Thing is we should just walk away and try again later, sometimes it works and sometimes not so good. There is going to be lots of things going on this Summer at the shop. First off, I am being a snoopy baby cam for a nest that a Robing built on my door wreath. I carefully removed it from the door where she would be disturbed often to the window box next to the door. I can spy on her through the window while she is being such a good mom in this cold dreary weather. When I first looked into the nest I was disappointed to find only one egg. Ms. Robin was getting all my sympathy for not being very fertile, until I did some research. I was amazed, Robins lay one egg a day, they do not start sitting on their eggs to begin the incubating till they are all laid. The average is 3-4 eggs, with sometimes laying 6, wow, that would be one crowded nest. When all of her eggs are laid, she begins the sitting, she has a bald spot on her belly to conduct the heat to the eggs better, a birds temp is 104', the cool thing is she will with her beak turn the eggs to heat them evenly. She leaves the nest for 10 to 15 minute intervals only during this time, she gets food and sometimes daddy brings her worms to eat. I have yet to see any man coming around. She, has been sitting through all of this stormy weather, but she is sheltered, and I do worry. So hopefully in about a week we will have some chirpy little baby birds.

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Genavieve said...

Sweet. We just found a nest in a tree next door that used a scrap of blue cotton yarn I left on the front porch. No eggs yet but we check (without touching!) every day on our way to school.