Friday, May 20, 2011

Becoming a Parent again

No I am not pregnant, but my roomie is, well she isn't anymore, but she is happily sitting on her baby to be! Of all the places to build a nest, a Robin built one on a wreath on my shop door. Ok so she thought it was dormant because I was closed for a few days and come to think of it she is the bird that flew into the shop (the door was open) last week and promptly exited just as fast, wondering where the door went? So I didn't want her to fly into someone opening the door, or startle someone or even upset her, so I carefully moved the wreath to the window box. I peered into the little nest quickly and saw only one egg, so she is limited with motherhood. I was worried that she wouldn't go back to the nest but she has found it and is sitting on her egg, being a good mom. I can spy on her from inside the shop but she knows I am there, she sees me moving around. I am anxious to see the little baby hatch and grow. I was going to put a sign out saying Baby sleeping but I am afraid to draw attention to it and some idiot will have to go look into the nest, probably saying to their young child, "honey look, I'll take this wreath down so you can look at it. AAACCCKKK so you may look but don't touch. I am naming the baby "Apple" because they will be born in a wreath of pink apple blossoms.

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