Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cast Away Cruise in the making

I have mentioned a knitting, crochet, spinning cruise on the Milwaukee river and Lakefront. I am trying to firm up those plans. So far it will cost around $20-25 for two hours of wonderful sailing. For that we get to bring on our own snacks and refreshments and it will include thier cleaning cost. I assured them we are pretty neat but it is a rule due to past experience and I totally can understand, it only takes one bad apple. So now I am awaiting a set of dates I threw at them to confirm and it would be about 5:00. There is room for 20 fiber crazed people. Can you imagine, a boat full of knitters, and snacks...oh my!!! So when it's a go, please get your name in and I will need a non-refundable (unless we can get someone to take your place) payment.
Life in general, my mom is doing much better and she is moving into a Senior Living Apartment May 1!!! If you happen to drop by the shop, she is letting me know she is upstairs by dragging her walker across the hardwood floors when she hears the front door Gotta love her!!!! Yes mom, I hear you!!! I worked on the Mosh Pit of cardboard boxes in the basement, for about two minutes....but I have to make a path for the new washer and dryer to be delivered Friday...oh yeah Friday!! Other than that, Oh yeah I made my mom crank a charity hat, on the knitting about whining...I asked her if she wanted some cheese to go with that whine. Once she got to cranking though she did like it and finished a barely fits over the grapefruit sized bump on her head, we really should name it the manitou!!!

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