Monday, April 23, 2007

Soaking my head

I know I have been slow to post, but I have an mother is living with me. Ok she is older so you may think, what's the deal...hhhmmmm, that's what I would have thought. I was actually getting used to it, her being here and trying to make her do things that are constructive besides sitting in my recliner watching TV, and napping. That lasted about two days, and she is regressing, her problem is she falls, with no warning. She throws herself into chairs, bed, where ever she plans on sitting and she is going to hurt herself. Easter she cracked her Egg open and had three stitches, which meant a stay in the hospital. And then the social workers are called in to evaluate the situation and we all line up like suspects, in the accident. (Social workers evaluate all elderly falls) which is a good thing in some cases and they were very nice, but released her to us to take care of. Well to make a long story short, she fell again here and off to the hospital she went and they are re-evaluating her once again. I guess at my age, I knew we were going to face this situation some day, but maybe in my avoiding of bad situations figured it would take care of itself. There really is no way to plan for something like this, but when a friend or family member is going through it, sometimes, they may sound like they are hateful to thier parents and bitter, but this is a case where, until you walk in their shoes, be careful how you judge. I love my mom, she did the best job she could with us and she taught me to be strong, but, It is one heck of a hard thing to do and I only wonder what my poor son will have to deal with. I think, give me good drugs and keep me high and I won't care where I am!!!! So I am off to take a bath, with no one walking in the door, and soak my head!!!


Lois said...

Hi Janny,
I wondered if you Mom had fallen again. How is she? Jeff and I stopped yesterday to see you and drop off the sweater and saw the sign. The sweater is at the bead shop. I left it with them incase I don't get back there right away. Is there anything I can do? Just let me know, I'm there!
Love ya, Lois

Weaver said...

So sorry to hear about the fall. the kids wanted to visit joey on sunday and we saw the sign and they (and me) all hoped you were all okay. I have an aunt visiting from New Mexico and she wants to go yarn shopping cause she's sure there is no yarn stores in NM. I'll be bringing her by tomorrow if you're going to be open. Enjoy your visitor free bath :)