Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cinco de Nino

We were sitting at Open knitting Wednesday and realized we needed to eat cake!!! Not just ordinary cake but Wedding Cake, sugar buzz cake...toothachy sweet cakes!!!! Alas!!! We are calling it Cinco de Nino celebration!!!! I actually went into a bakery and asked if they had sample platters I could buy and they said,,,,"They are free!!!" then I felt a little guilty asking for wedding cake samples and they are giving them to me for I did what any guilt ridden scammer does and bought $20.00 worth of various bakery items!! I do hope they don't go to waist, er I mean waste!!! So this is the invite, come sample cake, it is from 10am till 1 ish!!! Unless we are so buzzed up we go till 4ish!!! Or until the cake is gone and we lay exhausted on the shop floor, still knitting relentlessly on our backs!!! Oh and trust me there will be no weddings under this roof!!!! So no need to worry, we just want to "Let them eat Cake!!"

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