Wednesday, May 09, 2007

When it's time to move!!

I guess you know it's time to move when you have to sit in the bathroom with an umbrella? That is my son's girlfriend sitting in the bathroom of their apartment. There is an apartment above them and apparantly someone left the water running. They actually are looking for a condo downtown. Today is Cinco de Nino day....and then right after I posted that name, it occured to me that it translated into fifth of Nine? So to be correct today is Nino de Mayo day, but whatever today we "Eat Cake", which I am on my way to go get right now. Well my sample platter!! Hey newsflash, I am with the help of a friend cleaning the basement!!! We emptied about 12 boxes and donated a few to Value Village. Now I have a mess on three floors!!! Basement, Shoppe (they were installing the air conditioner into the wall but it didn't fit between all the conduit and window and gutter and....and) So they are coming today to patch the hole in the shoppe wall. Boxes from the basement are making their way to the upstairs or living quarters, and now I have to empty them, will it ever end??? The only boxes I love to see are shipments, I will never move again, they will zip the bag and carry me out of here and the rest is up to .....whoever gets stuck with it!!!

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