Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May showers brought May flowers

That and an account at Home Depot helps!!! I was all ready for the Art show this weekend!! The flowers were planted the weather was good, shelves stocked and I sat and spun the weekend!! Kim helped me work on the basement yet another Monday and it is looking ....like .....like a basement!!! I think we removed at least two dozen boxes and it's still full!!! I still think it is one of those cruel jokes the shop fairies are playing on me!! But it is looking better!! Thank you Kim for keeping me on task!!

The shop kids stopped by and were playing with the "Dog Yarn shop" dog!!! She, meaning the dog is not normally in the store but due to a construction job on my upstairs, she was a nervous wreck and the kids calmed her down. So shop kid #1 is giving the evil eye and Joey the shop dog is showing #1 up with two glowing eyes, while the shop girls are so confused as to what is going on!!
As I said I got some spinning in and I chose to spin some Optim, which is Merino and is wonderful. This color is Chanticlaire, isn't it wonderful!!! It needs to be washed and set and then I will pet it for a few months!!!

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Weaver said...

Dang, those shop kids are cute! I wonder who gave birth to them? :)

I'm in love with the spinning that I got to do at the shop on Sunday. Thanks for letting me hang out!