Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Scene of the Crime

It was 7:04am, the day was starting out a little on the humid side, but cool enough that it didn't matter. I was sitting out on my deck, having the usual cup of Sumatra coffee, black. Then I saw it, a flash out of the corner of my eye. Is it what I thought it was? Was there something in my coffee? Years of being elusive and only hoping to get a glimpse of it was there!!! It surely was a hit and run. I witnessed it, with great excitement I might add. Sucking the red juice from the feeder and moving in dartlike fashion to the next little sugar blossom. AAAAccckkkk it was just here again. My first hummingbird!!!!! I know for some of you this is mundane but darnit I have been buying these stupid fake flower sap suckers for years and have yet to witness a humming bird, plenty of ants, but no birds. So here I am in this raggety old nightshirt, sitting out and my hair is sticking straight up in the air from doing swirlys all night in my pillow, sitting sideways in my swing, cup of Joe in one hand and Suduka and pencil in the other. I actually watched it buzz around the feeder and have a slurp, then two and then gone. As I tried to get up for the camera, and lap top, the swing whipped out and the coffee spilled, I stepped in that and my raggety nighty was stuck in my butt. Please make a note, my deck is 20 feet up in the air, but level with all other Village dwellers. This is not for public viewing but I am most certain to sear the brain of the young girl that rents next to me, with visions of the most undesireable nightware and bra lessness she may ever encounter. I can hear her now making a mental note to self (never wear ripped oversize T-shirts with no bra, even if you think no one is looking!!! Ok for the record, I really have reached the age where I don't care what I sleep in as long as it's comfortable, the days of laying across the pillows with rows of picky lace and trussed up like a young spring chicken are looooooonnnngggg gone. Comfort I say and multi purpose!! That's another blog but back to the photo shot....So now I whip in the house, get my stuff and sit down propped and ready for the picture, one so I can be sure that I did see it and two to show you!!!! Hhhhmmm my foot is caught in the swing and buzz there it is again and the camera is somewhere between my lap and nomans land so I am groping for it and well the darn bird isn't sitting there going "cheese"? Gone again, so now I am on a mission, until then all I can give you is this empty feeder but I did notice an ant crossing the glass.....aaaahhhhhhhaaaaa I got it...Casper came back and I got it, not good but I was just folding this up and hit and run and he is on the left of the feeder!!!! I mean the other left!!! (right) Tra la la lalallalalalalala!!!!!! I do believe he was checking me out and took off!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I see it, I see it:) Hey what are the Tango Lessons about? I want to learn how to make those cool blue ball purses also:) When is the next class?

Take care & Enjoy the patio,