Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm on a short leash?

I updating all of the wonderful well wishers, on Joey my dogs health. Her meds are kicking in...sort of? I think this is just buying time, but it is time I still need. I have changed her food to natural and I think I would strongly urge other pet owners to do the reality how long could we live on McDonalds food? Basically dog food is the same type of garbage and we wonder why they get sick. She is eatting Buffalo food now, I can only say too late??? But my thinking is maybe it's an allergy to something. Her seizures are now only happening when she gets excited??? If you don't know I own a Cattle dog, Australian Cattle dog or Queensland Blue Heeler. When you say this and don't get excited, the two words cannot be put in the same sentence. Her life is comprised of knowing where I am, protecting anything that is a mile around me, which includes squirrels, rabbits and mostly other dogs!!! She never sits down while I am driving she stands on the middle council and is alert to the road. She barks when people come in the shop to let them know she is behind the gate by the back, and you are more than welcome to come and pet her. So she is a busy girl. So, she is on Valium to help her relax, well Cattle dogs are known to fight any sort of drug that is going to "control" them, because THEY are in control. So I split her pills into half and she gets 1/2 pill when she looks like she may be getting agitated. She is going to be weaned starting tomorrow? The phenobarbotal, is given twice a day at 7am and pm. This is crucial. I have not left the house since Wed of last week. It really doesn't bother me too much but I am sick of worrying. I am also sick of doing Freezer Foraging. So two Angels of Mercy kicked me out of the Shop and made me leave. Knowing quite well my baby was in good hands I was reluctant to leave but once gone, had a hard time going back. We are not out of the woods, I am just buying time. Sometimes her old self comes out, she came to bed and realized she didn't have her ragtag, Baby (stinky stuffed animal dog) so she left bed and came back with it gently in her mouth. I also got my morning kisses....these are the little glimpses that keep me hanging on. Thank you Angela and Lois for breathing space. Thank you for giving me the courage to go!!!!
As far as knitting, my tension is so darn tight that if I were to knit anything right now it would look like I melted it together. I am actually knitting on the Booby sock, I am to the heel, so now I should be home free. Maybe there will be turn for the good, maybe I won't have to face the inevitable? The old saying "you can't keep a good dog down?" or is it "man"? LOL!!! I am working on the Sheep in the City website and it is coming along nicely. Thanks again to all of you that are asking about my baby!!!

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Dragonfly said...

She looked better on Saturday than on Friday, a bit more herself again. I'm glad you got a chance to get out, you need that too. I'll keep you both in my thoughts, I'm glad you posted the update even though I saw both of you.