Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Been a long time

Seems like I have been so busy, taking care of business that I almost forgot to blog.  So very much is going on and great things.   I have to say February is proving to be an awesome month...awesome.  Let me start with, Handspun Journey, Sherry Johnson did an Podcast for Sheep in the City and it will probably be broadcast next week.   We did it on Skype, I asked my son to go through it with me to make sure I knew how to talk my voice level, etc. but what he forgot to tell me was not to drink a pot of coffee...LOL.  Poor Sherry didn't have to talk much on HER podcast.  I think it went pretty well other than I am recovering from that crud yet and my voice sounds like I am in a can!!!  Then I get an email from Blue Tulip, she is a vendor at SITC, her boothmate met Molly from channel 4 Morning Blend and she invited me and John Loeffelholz (a male knitter) to be on the Television show Tuesday the 22nd, to talk about SITC..can you say, I am nervously going to eat another 20# of food or do diet tea for the next week and use packing tape to get rid of my jowels.  Then I thought maybe the camera can be mounted on the ceiling, so I can look upward and loose some chins.  Then, I got another email from Nicole, Lake Effect Milw. Public Radio UWM, and we are doing an interview on Monday, which should air Tues....I am so thrilled that we are finally getting the publicity we deserve.  This is going to help our attendance by leaps and bounds so if you are waiting for the last week before you register...move it....We are on a roll.

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jolene said...

the morning blend? that's awsome! when i think of you and john on TV i picture you as the mad hatter and john as the red queen. i just can't help it!