Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recipe for a Hot Flash

Being it is below zero here in Wisconsin, I am nervous and I confess I am  happy, sad, spontaneous,  nervous eater.  I had a Super Bowl party here and have some crappy left overs all the bad stuff.  Here is a recipe for a Super duper heat you up, no blankets in sub zero non heated bedroom, that the dog even can't touch you hot flash!!
Start your day peering into the fridge.
Put left over guacamole on eggs, with salsa and chips -finished off Super bowl guac and threw out rest of chips.
Find left over sour cream from the Super Bowl chili,  and other various fattening treats such as chips, fritos etc.
Decide that dip would be good and throw in all sorts of great Pampered chef seasonings to make it spicy,hot.  Let sit till 6 ish.
Find a Bavarian cream heart shaped donut, four days old, but that is Ok, so many preservatives it won't matter.
Eat dip with chips first and the Chipotle seasoning was very spicy, wash that down with some Chili and cheese over left over Fritos.  Only a few bites, just had it for Super Bowl and sick of chili, no matter how cold it is.
Found a bag of jelly belly's , devour over 2/3rds of the bag and then realize this is really a bad idea, throw out the rest, even though Iggy is begging for one more.
Finish knitting a mitten.
It's nine and I am tired, probably a sugar crash, go to bed and promptly fall asleep.  Then it hits....2:00am, I have my temperature controller (leg) hanging outside the covers and then, realize I am burning up, off with all of the covers, Iggy moves away in disgust over being bothered in his sleep.  I lay there wide awake, not sweating but extremely hot!!!  Watch tv, and thinking of opening the window.  Decide that is a bad idea, turn off tv and go back to sleep.
Today, no garbage digging like a did yesterday!!  I do have healthy food, but make bad choices. Filling the trash with left over Super Bowl crap....oh wait I ate it all yesterday!

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