Saturday, February 12, 2011

Recipe for Internal Combustion

So the way this is going instead of losing 100# by the time I make my television appearance, I will be gaining 100#.  My jowels will be the least of my problem.  So here is a recipe for Internal Combustion
Hot Cinnamon Rolls anc coffee
Spicy Chinese
Quality Candy Fairy Food (and there is nothing like it)
Some cookies
Some fried food
Common denominator Sugar
So I get to sleep just fine and boink, 4am, I am laying in a position similar to the chalk outlines on a sidewalk at a crime scene.  I can feel my body radiating and can actually feel the glow.  I am waiting to hear the "you have just entered The Twilight Zone" and here dedededdeddedee.  I can almost feel the gamma rays coming down from the UFO, that is radiating me and all that will be left is an outline of body ash..Oh wait it isn't a UFO, it is me just combusting into flames, no sweating involved just internal combustion.  I have heard this happens to people, and you just may read about this, remember you heard it here first.
Starting tomorrow, getting rid of the sweet tooth if it means pulling it.

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