Thursday, September 06, 2007

Walking Buffet

Have you been outside? Have you touched a grassy or shady spot? If you have you probably have become a mosquito buffet!!! I have bites on top of bites. When I came home from up north, I pulled into my parking spot and a saw a black cloud come by my drivers side window. It was mosquitos, I was a tad bit freaked out, more like Holy Crap how can I escape the car? The invasion of the blood suckers. So I plan my escape, keys in hand and run to the door inhaling a zillion in my mouth, like a bat. Put the key in the door and it won't open, unbelievable I deadbolted I try to find which key that is and I can feel myself getting light headed from the lowering of blood pressure due to the quick evacuation of blood. I couldn't believe it, it was like a horror story. I am not parked in the grass it is asphalt. So now I am dreading my evening walk with I decide to spray, both of us. Apparantly I didn't get it in my eyebrows and ears, because they were buzzing all over my face and I am doing the St Vitus dance on Hwy 32, swatting and spitting and jerking and telling Joey if she doesn't crap pretty soon, I will leave her out there to fend for herself. I have never seen so many mosquitos in my entire life. So if you see me and it looks as though I have measles, don't stare I am just a testing ground for West Nile virus.

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