Monday, September 03, 2007

Went fishing!!!

Most of you know I chose to close on Sunday for a two day weekend. One of the drawbacks of a small business is it is only me running the joint, so, it is hard to close ....ever? My plans were to build a shed outside that was delivered Saturday morning and then haul my camping stuff up from the basement and blah blah blah. So after I closed Saturday, I thought I would take a look at the shed deally. I look at the box and it says...assemble in 15 tool required. hahahahahahahaha ROTFL. We all know what that means? So I open the box and start to take the parts out. There are exactly 6 pieces, that is it and no instructions. I can do this...15 minutes...hey I snapped the floor to the back, in two seconds....while trying to figure out what piece goes next I realize I made an error...these pieces slide together which means I screwed up already...2 minutes into the assembly??? hhhhhmmmm now this piece that snapped together like a into b..with such ease it was meant to be, will not come apart. Here comes the tools and some pretty filthy words. I get two screwdrivers to pull and pry at the same time, all the while wondering who is sitting in their window laughing there buttocks off at this circus show. Sweat is now running into my eyes burning like a son of a gun and I am getting a hot flash due to undue stress. After 15 minutes of prying, swearing and finally figuring I will just rip the darn thing apart and deal with the consequences, it snaps apart!!!! Now I put the three walls up and slide the floor in (snap!!!) a good snap and slide the roof on and voila!!! 1 hour and 10 minutes later, three gallons of sweat and a litany of swearing it is finished the phone rings. It was my brother, hey what are doing? Building a 15 minute monument!!! Are you coming up? (this is what people that own property up north call visiting) A Long Pause a moment of pentive flashes of the floor of the store which is full of halloween decorations, and Fall stuff that I had unloaded from my car. The pile of laundry waiting to be tossed into the ideas of putting my camping equipment into the new &%#$# shed. All this turned into a fog as an "I'm on my way" Flew out of my mouth...I am so on my way!!!! I threw some clean undies in my duffle bag, some dog food, jumped in the shower to wash off the sweat and 2.5 hours later I was sitting in front of wonderful campfire, having my last coffee of the day!!!! Life is good!!! We went on the pontoon, cruising the Wisconsin River...dogs romping in the waves and fishing poles in hand....all that swearing, all that sweating ......was well worth it!!!!! I had a wonderul 2 days off!!!!

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