Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Buns of Steel

I know this is a knitting blog but due to circumstances beyond my control, my arms feel like mush and I can't knit!!! Well that isn't exactly true, I have been knitting on the sideways sock, that seems to keep shrinking? I have a sweater that I want to finish so I can wear it sometime in the Fall. Not working on that yet and now we have a rash of new babies, hhhhmmm nine months ago brings us to....yep winter!!!
So I think I may be done with the remodeling at my sons...hahahahah isn't that a joke? I spent Monday over there putting in a new ceramic floor and giving him the how to's of doing the wall. Now when you look at the photos, you, if you are my age, which is in my 40th year of menopause, will notice a vague resemblance to bathrooms of yore!!!! Subway tile and black and white on the floor, I think my first apartment had that? It is hot and sheik and the new Vogue, or is it Dwell. So I waddled home with sore knees and a butt that can pick up a quarter, that is after I can feel it again. I am retired!!!!! I am quite proud of how I can pass along my knowledge to Mike who is finally realizing why you need these skills. He is smart and does IS tech work for a great company. He is techno smart and he keeps me up on the latest and greatest and keeps me moving in a fast cyber world. I thank him for that, because you just relax one minute and you are behind technology. Me on the other hand, has timeless skills of remodeling and working with my hands, it is a great pairing, and he is a good teacher and I try to be, I think I am though because the photo shows you his first wall tiling and floor tiling job. He also has a wonderful fiance that takes on any task given her and is truley hard worker, that worked right along side of us. She had a page from a magazine that "We" were using as a guide for the remodel job!!! I think "we" succeeded. So she took to painting and he finished the wall and I waddled home and took a hot bath. I had intentions of stocking shelves today but I am looking at the steps with trepidation. Can you tear a muscle deep in your arse cheeks? Can you say "Out of shape?"
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