Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I'm doomed!!

This is a photo of my knitting challenge!!! After casting on 6 times...yes six times, I am toast, stick a fork in me I am done!! Oh not done knitting, I am done trying to make a pattern that doesn't!!! First I started with the chart, that was screwed up, so I moved to the printed version.....guess what it is virtually impossible to do with 31 stitches what they wanted. Maybe lace isn't my thing.....maybe I should shelf the whole project....oh and to add insult to injury...I lost my first ball of brown lace malabrigo cake, so after I balled a new skein of "Sealing wax" Malabrigo....I found the first ball....of course. I think I am being told "Put down the lace crap!!!! But it's my challenge!!! So I am a few rows away from a straight jacket, but one thing I am is persistant!!!! Tomorrow I will relax while switting in a pool. We plan on knitting in a swimming pool!!!! I need a break, I wonder if a Margarita is on the menu?


Anonymous said...

Don't drink & pop benadryl.


marycatharine said...

You have way more staying power than I do with MS3. After five tries I've had to take a very long break.