Sunday, August 26, 2007

What's in your pocket?

Besides being a Yarn shop owner and Fiber Artist, for years to pay for my addiction, I have been a Steamfitter. For 30 years to be exact. Some of you may say, what is a Steamfitter, I could say that when I started my apprenticeship, I thought I would be ironing, but I would be lying. I installed heating, airconditioning equipment and piping...mostly piping. I was a certified high pressure welder, heliarc and all the other crap that goes along with it. I loved my job, it suited my personality and I loved working with my hands. Besides I got to work with men all day!!! Due to health reasons and probably from inhaling all the bad stuff that goes along with welding and chemicals etc. I decided I needed to make a change in my life. So I bought a shop and made it into a yarn and fiber shop. I am living my dream. Ok you wonder where is this going??? When I moved here, I made sure the piping was something I wasn't going to have to deal with, and it looked good. Other than changing all the darn faucets, I have not had to repair anything...yet. My son and his fiance, bought a house.....see where this is going? It is a beautiful home, but the bathroom needed updating....getting a better picture? But in my favor, her father is a plumber, which in my trade there are three things plumbers know...(poop runs downhill, payday is Friday and they put there faces where we put our arses) no animousity there? It is just a fun banter between the two trades. So Saturday, I had to put my tools into a purple tote and load up the car and do some was for a good cause. Let me tell you I have not worked this hard for a year!!! Hear me a YEAR, her father is a slave driver, hey I'm Union I kept telling him!!! No breaks not even to go bathroom ( there is no bathroom it is gutted) I spent all day a foot off of the ground on a ladder soldering joints and cutting and in order to keep my pride and show the" task master" that I could keep up, I didn't whine, one bit....till now!!!! I'm sure he doesn't read this, so I think I am safe!!! I have whip marks on my back, well it feels like it anyway!!! I also feel like I have been doing buns of steel exercises for a week, not to mention my bat wings are aching. My feet hurt and I drove a floor nail into my head. I didn't know all of this was happening until this morning, when I tried to get out of bed and one leg moved and the other screamed ,"no way" !!! My back feels Ok but what the heck was I doing with my arse??? Other than pinching my cheeks so tight when I almost fell off the step stool. Well it's done, we replaced all and I must say all the piping in the house and it looks good. Now I find out if I'm a Steamfitter or Sprinkler fitter!!!! I can't wait to open my shop today, if I can do the steps!!!

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