Thursday, August 23, 2007

Does not compute....please press one

This is an update, my shop phone is out of order!!! Since Tuesday and probably till Friday. It is due to the immense amount of rain we are getting. I was really upset, but you know, it is a small price to pay considering people are loosing their homes to floods not far from here. My basement is still dry and most of my business is not done over the phone. So if you call and get a Fax machine's still not working!!!! So just stop in instead!!!
Ok that is today but Tuesday went something like this...
Oh my Gawd the phone isn't working....dialing AT&T...buzzz...If you are calling about your bill press one, Diablo Espanol dos..If you are calling for repairs blah blah blah, so I press 2...due to heavy calls we will answer your call as soon as one of our representives is not busy with 4,000 other customers. So I wait, dial tone, and another animated voice comes on and tells me how important I am to them and to still wait or go to the website...hhhmmm I hang up and go online...I follow all the prompts including some garbage about going outside and fixing my own damn phone....uh excuse me I am not even done paying for the installment of the phone so why should I fix it? They didn't have a spot for that but did have a spot that said I agree to pay for a technician to fix the phone....I sign off and go back to the my drawer for tranquilizers or some sort of mood altering drugs because they aren't going to like my mood at the moment. So this went on and on till I got smart and called new products and got a real voice and she kindly explained that they are having alot of problems it's not just me...Ok I feel better now is it the answer or the bottle of Jim Beam!!!!


Lynn said...

Don't float away down there. I'm in Tosa, but luckily high so we are good so far. (I hate to mention the basement since I don't want to jinx it!)

Anonymous said...

That "go fix it yourself" thing from AT&T is what puished me over the edge to digital phone from TWC - yes, they are the evil empire too. But the phone works & they don't suggest I fix it!!