Friday, August 03, 2007

Is it OK to swear????

Friday, fun Friday, I have if you happen to walk into the shop, and I am laying on the table with a puddle of drool coming from my mouth, please either check yourself out or try to wake me, I am on Benadryl. I can't stop scratching so for the last resort I have resorted to Benadryl, it knocks me out for 12 hours. Which brings me to, never do lace knitting on Benadryl. I hate this mystery shawl, and today Fun Friday, which by the way you can substitute any swear word for Fun, this lace is/has put me over the edge, especially after dropping a slipped stitch and then proceeded to pull it to see where it went and now it is all kaboobled and I am toast!!! Another by the way, I am typing on Benadryl so bear with me, my fingers are bouncing all over the keys and my vision is blurred and I am half asleep I think I almost drooled sitting upright????? I am a mess, I look like Goldie Hawn in Overboard, well not half as cute but miserable, with Calamine Lotion all over!!! So I have mystery hives, a fun mystery shawl and when I wake up from this stupor a mystery couple of days!!!! I am feeling a sense of relief...I am shelving the fun shawl. I have made a concious decision or is it an unconcious decision to stop torturing myself, stop the insanity!!! Take more drugs and just quit, it is OK to quit...isn't it??? I won't wear the stupid thing!!! Oh yeah I will in my casket, so it is probably a foot long I made it to row 100 that was my quitting goal and I did it!!! Actually I accomplished two things, my goal row and quitting!!! Ok, I think the hives came from using some Fun spa treatment to exfoliate, now I know I am allergic to tons of perfumy crap and I know I have sensative skin, and that I am latex intolerant, but wait, maybe it changed??? maybe I totally was oblivious to the fact that mineral oil is petroleum based and this Fun spa stuff was 80% mineral oil and I proceeded to slather my arms and chest and fun leg with the crap in hopes of coming out of the tub having skin like Haley Berry, tone and all!!!! I used my favorite natural sponge to really help infuse the Fun spa crap, so that was Monday and the rash on my chest developed before I could blink, and I thought oh oh rewashed it and got it under control and it seemed to be subsiding until I took another Oatmeal bath and grabbed my favorite spongy and rerashed myself, this time it is here with a vengance, the sponge is soaking in detergent one step away from the trash. One wiff of that Spa treatment and it is going in the garbage!!! So here I sit pretty in pukey Pepto Bismol Pink Calamine and Benadryl and drooling with half closed eyes. My mystery shawl in a heap on the table....... Welcome to Fun Friday oh and Kirby Dean emailed me and let me know she is Lonely and if I wanted to look at her pics I could email her at this address, because she is at another computer, not the one she sent the email from......I'm surprise she isn't selling fun Viagra!!! ..why me????

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Anonymous said...

Oh my god that sounds miserable!
FYI (and waaaaaay TMI at the same time) many yeast infection treatments are mineral oil based. If you are THAT allergic to it, then for the love of god...avoid avoid avoid!

This is Annie, of course, who else would be classy enough to blurt that out to you right on the internets?