Sunday, July 22, 2007

14 days left....

Only 14 days left till Knit fest!!! Are you thinking of a challenge? Is it something you will attempt to do, that you possibly have not done before? Is it something everyone else can do and you feel foolish considering it a challenge? Stop!!! Don't question what you want to do!!! This is personal, if you haven't purled, do purling, it is your challenge. If it is just trying to keep your edges straight, that's fine. So this is for beginners and advanced knitters.
I have too short of an attention span to knit lace. I am having trouble following the pattern as it plods through more and more stitches. I am bored with the process, but love the outcome. I love how it looks and that is what is keeping me on track. I may never knit lace again but, I am knitting lace.

I am doing the Mystery Shawl from an internet challenge. Each Friday for five weeks we get a clue, it's kind of exciting. Needless to say I am still on week two and clue four has come out this last week??? I did say slow....but sure.

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Anonymous said...

What are freaking nut? F'n Lace! I agreed to make a sweater for my sister with 8 stinking yo and 8 stinking ktog and I'm still making mistakes! Good F'n luck! However when I do get the pattern right it looks rather lovely.

Ah, the price you pay to not get Alzheimer Disease. Bye the way, who are you????????

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