Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm dancing as fast as I can!!!

Honest, I have been trying to get all of my paperwork and blogging and printing of tickets and yarn club cards and on and on....but you don't want to hear my excuses, you want to hear about
Knit fest!!!!
We had so much fun at the Knitting Olympics that we thought it would be fun to do a Fest for Knitting. I live in Milwaukee and it is known as the Festival city, we have Irishfest, German fest, Polish fest, Indian summer and Festa Italiana, so why may I ask not Knit fest??? So for every Sunday in August, this is the plan.
Start planning a project that pushes you to the skill limit you personally think is a challenge, this could mean to some (Julie) just purling. It is a personal challenge.
First Sunday in August we will be casting on
Second Sunday we will be checking progress a good old fashion "Progress Report"
Third Sunday is a countdown
Fourth Sunday is the Fashion show or Show and tell
All of these "get togethers" we will of course have food, with the big bash at the end!!! So start planning and get your free tickets to Knit the way, I will be offering 10% off of your project supplies.

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