Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moving a loom

So I am at the mercy of two young men that will assist me to move the loom from the basement studio to the upstairs. I am probably going to make these young men sterile (their parents can thank me later) This is a Kessenich 32" 8 harness loom and it weighs more than I can imagine. They stopped by yesterday and I had cleared a way to walk the loom out of the basement. This is a folding loom, or supposed to be. One guy on one side and me on the other directing them to do something they have no clue what they are working with. I am trying to be explicit and yet patient, so I don't scare them off, they are really hard working kids. We are both on a side and grab the beams and try to fold the loom, nope it ain't moving??? Well I am sure you should just have to push together this isn't rocket science??? So we try jiggling it, sweet talking it and then swearing at it, well I was, I haven't heard them swear ever??? One of the guys had to leave, so Dan came back later, his arm span is as wide as I am tall and it starts to fold and then binds up. hhhhmmmmmmmm I called the only woman I know that moves looms for a living, '"well you need two people and then you just lift and push it should fold up?" nope......uhm, have you loosened all the wing nuts...oh yeah. So I have a stubborn loom and it is waiting for us to challenge it this morning. My plan of attack, we will try to fold it one last time, maybe a little more forceful, then out comes the tools and I will take it apart. The LOOM will be upstairs today!!! and no I don't have the spot cleared out for it, but with the added incentive I will.
That little coil of cashmere/wool in the picture is a start to something really cool.

Whew, so the strong men came and with three heads, theirs lifting and mine trying to see the issue, we found it....the treadles were jamming the whole operation. Tied them up and off they went. Let me tell you for these guys it was a heavy mother. All done, I just need to clear the center island and let the weaving begin....So, the shop, my shop is a mess, not just my desk.

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