Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My affair

I have a confession to you. I am in love, I have been in love before, but this is different. I have been sleeping with him for a few months now and some of you know about him and some don't. I am not ashamed, he has changed my life. I really mean that, not like my exhusbands did, but in a good way. He is broadening my horizons. I hold him at night and always comment on how much I love him. I would like you to meet Paul, Paul is my ipad. God how I love my ipad. I am reading books at a pace I have never done before. First of all he is a beauty, he is sleek and dark and so wonderful to hold. I had to name him because I sleep with him and I like to know someone's name before they are in bed with me. just a little formality. I take him to bed every night and I can read without glasses, and a light. What this means is, I go to bed, like I am going to bed. I read on the ipad, which is backlit and has a font that gets huge!!! When I get tired, I turn it off, I do not have to get up, turn off the light, take off my glasses, readjust myself, no mo, I just go to bed. It also has a great knitting app, that has lots of stitches and ideas and then there is Angry birds, a game that you fling birds at pigs, don't ask. anyway if you are deciding between all of the readers out there, check out the ipad, seriously beautiful....I have had it since it came out and my love keeps growing. I just thought of something, for it's screensavor I should download a photo of Paul great would that be....not a bad face to see before drifting off to sleep.....Ok this is so out of character for me....I will just call him Paul.

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