Friday, July 09, 2010

Red Rover, Red Rover....

When I was a kid in grade school, we played Red Rover, we picked sides and held hands and called for the opposite team to come running into our hands and we would hold tight and hope the opponent would not break thru, if they did they could pick one of our team to bring back to their side, if they didn't we won that member. I remember Rita, Rita had a bad eye, I don't know what was wrong with it but, because of it she was shy and quiet and thinking back I think she may have been a little slow, but she was nice. When picking sides, no one picked Rita, I remember her standing there as the awkward lone person, it magnified her bad eye and her overweight body, she would look down and kick her large saddle shoes (they were not in style when I was young). My heart went out to her, determined this would not happen when I picked, I would pick her first, and then no one wanted to be on my team. I would rally them and when we would win, I would try to make Rita feel really important, I would tell her she was the strong one that saved our game. I really thought that we as people would move on from those days of picking sides and saying hurtful things and lifting ourselves up by putting someone else down. I am so foolish, I guess it is what I want to believe, but there are people out there that just can't wait to plant nasty seeds about someone. They sneer and make snide comments, my feeling on that is they are either extremely jealous or very insecure, to resort to those tactics. To go around bashing someone else's work or being, and then getting people to pick sides is so stinking juvenile, it makes me sick. Grow up!!!! Karma is a bitch and what you put out there you will get back and you will. No person on earth can monitor you at all times, but Karma nasty, you will get nasty back. Then you will wonder why your life sucks so badly.....We are all in this game together, you don't have to like what anyone does, or doesn't do, you don't have to even pretend to like someone, but, you don't have to go around bashing people because you feel so bad about your life and self that it will make you feel better to put someone down. Funny thing is word travels fast and what you say comes back to who you say it about, really quick. If you have a bone of contention, bring it to the one that you have that issue with!! Gang mentality if for the weak and insecure. Lifting yourself up by making someone else look bad only makes you look really ugly!!!!! Lying about someone, or their children or their animals, also counts, if you have something to say, face up!!!!!! This is a public service announcement from the "stop the gang mentality, and grow up !!" LOL

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