Monday, July 12, 2010

New Religion

I warned you if you see me with my new sheer burka, I am safely behind a screen of mesh. After spending an hour at Gander Mountain fashionalby trying on different mosquito nets to see what suits my needs, I bought the above. I have a big head and am clostraphobic. The first one was too tight and had elastic at the neck...oh no that will not work, second had a spring ring, that sprang out and flew across the floor with this little yamaka, (I know that is not how you spell it but it sounds right) on the top, that made me look like a flying saucer. The rang in price was $2.99 to 30.00. Then there was the beekeeper style, but it still had elastic on the neck. I tried one on that made it look like a nylon stocking on my face and looking to rob a bank it was so tight, then I read after if was a kids net...duh!!!! I settled for this hangmans bag, it is just a bag with a drawstring bottom, it has enough slack to cover my neck and upper shoulders, $5.98....sold. So I proudly wore my bag on my head....oh God that is so dangerously close to the double bagger joke, but not ever having been a fashion plate, and hating those darn mosquitos, I will wear this bag. Mind you I walk on a busy highway, I can just imagine the comment in the commuters cars. Guess what it works great, either that or the squeetos quit biting and buzzing?? just my luck. Iggy isnt quite sure what to make of it? He looks at me like "who are you?" I respond with "Just Pee will you?" I feel rather Holy wearing this an odd way, like Sister Mary Francis. Like I should bless the runner, speeding past me. Really speeding past me, secretly hoping I don't hold him up!!! I could be in mourning the veil is black, and for some odd reason you have a tendancy to bow your head a tad. I think the drawstring may weight it down. So beware the black bagged babe....she must be some kind of fanatic.
Day of rest, I am participating in Tour de Fleece...we spin on the days the bikers ride and today is a day of rest. Each person kind of sets their own goals and mine is to spin a bobbin a day or more. I am doing pretty good with that goal, I did miss Thursday because I traveled that day and spinning and driving don't mix. So I am not taking a day of rest today, I am spinning the last of three bobbins to ply together.

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