Monday, July 26, 2010

911 and How I got stuck

For those of you that have never used a large floor loom I will try to be as explicit as I can with out boring you. Somewhere along the line my arse got big...there, that is pretty much it. Now I know mirrors don't lie but what the hell was I thinking. So my dear sweet loom, has all of the warp wound on the back beam....this is a usual process, Ok this is the first time I am weaving on this loom and it is a beauty and a beast, it is heavy!! All of my other floor looms had wingnuts that you undo and the front beam came off or down or out of the way. You get a comfy stool and sit in the middle of your loom and thread the heddles. Now besides being big, my arms are rather short, so now I have to figure out how to thread the heddles???? This way, uuhhmm no , this way...not....??? So I look at the front beam and there are hex head bolts on it?? Kind of recessed too? This is pretty permanent? Ok so I take a look at the distance between the harness's and the beater bar and think in my drug induced stupor, Alice drink this? ....that I could possibly fit in there, not just me but sitting on a swivel chair besides. Oh yeah my mirror has been lying to me. So I sit on the chair and try to bend my short fat neck under the beater bar and front beam....picture this like an elephant trying to get into a box, a small box, first of all my neck doesn't bend that much because my chins are in the way, so I wack my glasses out of alignment and try to get out. Ok my thinking is the chair is what is so big? don't Timba gets on her hands and knees and trys to weasel her way into the little area....hhhmmmphhh.....meanwhile the thought did pass my mind how was I going to get out? I had my cell phone with me just in case, I did get stuck....ehhh 911, Hi, I am stuck in my loom? no not on a boom, inside my loom, I am a weaver and I crawled into my loom and can't get out....yeah bring a hoist!!!
So I start to wiggle and the only thing going in this space is my head?? Where or when did I ever think first off that I was agile, and small? I was the kid that couldn't tuck her head and do a somersault? But I could beat you up for laughing at me?? So now I back out of this spot gingerly I might add? I am on all fours and Iggy is smirking at me...I put one hand on the chair that was too big for this job and then try to ummph my way up on my bad knees and now everything hurts including my head. I call Dawn, the go to girl for looms....after she stops laughing at me hysterically she says "Oh I keep a ratchet wrench right on the side to undo those bolts that look really permanent....Thanks, without kneeling and bending like a contortionist, my loom is threaded and I am I need a nap!!!

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