Saturday, July 10, 2010

Aliens are landing

If you see me walking Iggy and you have to do a double take, I am resorting to hunting tactics. Tonight after I close I will be at Gander Mountain purchasing a mosquito net hat!!! I am done!!! There were less mosquitos in Necedah woods than there are here. I have this light black zipper t-shirt jacket that I have doused in mosquito repellent and I put that on and the buggers go for my neck, ears and eyes, forehead and cheeks....I look like I had those bumps that kids have injected under their skin on purpose. The back of my legs have so many and if I start itching it sends me into a frenzy of itching. The worst yet was the death defying squeeto that bit me in my butt crack?????? Had to be when I was sleeping and yes I do have undies on and a nightshirt, like that matters. I have one on the back of my armpit, but my arms are too short to scratch it so that resorts to an old aluminum knitting needle, see needles are not just for knitting. So if you see me walking Iggy with a hunters hat on and squeeto netting but a huge smile, you know it's me. Oh I even bought a squeeto stop, app on my phone. They loved it they were riding my cell phone like a rodeo??? Now remind me again what good they are, besides spreading some kind of disease. These things are ruthless, I killed three with one swat yesterday. When I pull up to my spot with the car, they attack the car waiting for a hot lunch. It is almost scary to get out and that is when Iggy will do his little trick of running to the back seat and playing a "catch me game" as my butt is outside the door of the car and I am inside trying to grab him. So shopping I will go tonight!!! Don't be afraid

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Kelly said...

Your post left me giggling! I am so happy that I am not the only one that seems to attract those blood sucking parasites! Too funny about the App. After reading your post previous post about downloading it, I thought about doing the same. Guess I don't need to bother! I have heard that ingesting large amounts of raw garlic helps keep them away, but then I guess after that, EVERYTHING would stay away. :) Heres hoping you won't need a transfusion after walking Iggy!