Tuesday, July 20, 2010

By the way...

The internet has become somewhat of a shark feeding frenzy for people that have nothing better to do than sit in front of a computer/phone and write comments about other people. Take Ravelry for example, it is one of the greatest resources for yarners that exists. It is a useful tool and reference tool, it is a great way to meet other kindred spirit, it is also a place where if you slip up just a little and say/write something someone doesn't agree with ....bam...you are swarmed with comments and remarks and ripped apart, by who??? We really need to make note that when you write something, depending on your style, it may not come out how you would say the same thing, it is kind of like listening to kids talk.."my bad?" "that is the bomb" Now depending on how you perceive these statements, you can take what I write two different ways good or bad. When I was growing up bad was not good and the bomb meant it was a failure??? Sending emails to someone you don't know can be a trick if you are trying to be funny. If I were talking to someone I knew and said "Look Bitch" we would all laugh and carry on and then someone would call me bitch and so on, but write that ...Hey Bitches....if you knew me it would be fine and funny, but if you didn't you would be typing a nasty remark and I would be back paddling trying to explain it was in fun. I love Ravelry for the same reasons I love the internet, it is a great tool, but it too can be abused by people with nothing better to do but make nasty comments, some of them may lead boring lives and this is their entertainment. There are a zillion creative people working hard to offer non creative people patterns and fibers to use in their lives and then there is the one disgruntled person, waiting to pounce, waiting to smear someone's name. I like to read on Ravelry but just have to shake my head when somebody has worked hard to accomplish something and the shark feeding frenzy begins...Steve Jobs said it all here

"By the way, what have you done that's so great? do you create anything, or just criticize others work and belittle their motivations? " Steve Jobs

I love this quote, it says it all..what have you done that is sooo great?? Everyone is a critic..and so quick to criticize. What happend to sending a personal message first to address the situation? Everyone makes mistakes so let them know off line!!! Instead of running a smear campaign and being pleased that you brought it to the Worlds attention.
I am an Apple fan....I have all Mac stuff and have little to no complaints about any of it. I have a third generation Iphone and love it, I dislike the carrier, but love my phone. Apple put out the Ipad, I own it...it has changed my life, seriously changed my life, I am reading again, like a fiend....I use it to take credit cards in the shop. It is a thing of beauty and I sincerely love it. Now the new I phone came out and it has a glitch....feeding frenzy, utube videos, rants...I have faith that Apple will make good on this, it is a glitch...relax......sit back a bit, and think about it before you get on the band wagon, "what have you created that is so great, what have you contributed to the technical world? " Give someone a break, let's be kind, that is of course until you don't get a response then " Unleash the menopausal bitch" LOL
"this is just an observation from reading the internet/ravelry, this is not a personal situation" LOL

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