Friday, July 23, 2010

Sign up now for Iron Woman triathalon alias Viking knitting

So it started out as a regular event/class. The woman were all preparing for the long haul of knitting on their was intense. Suddenly event #2 went into effect, the (tornado) alarms went off and the sprint began to the basement (tornado shelter) Dowels in hand, cutters and purses of course purses...then a road block..."Hey there is a guy at the door?" Leave him there and then I saw it was Chris the jeweler, not a robber, "I don't have a TV and heard the sirens...come on join the sprinters to the basement. We are all getting chairs and setting up class in the basement/studio/shelter....cell pnones are ringing, some lose the signal, the sump pump is humming and we are making comments on "wow the sump pump is running non stop and I am getting that pit of the stomach feeling we are in for flooding. Since the last flood I do have things properly raised off of the floor to allow a free flowing stream instead of ponding. Another thing why is every time woman need to be somewhere important does a potty break become a matter of life and death....I think we all had to pee....!!
So some participants/students decided it was clear enough to go upstairs and me being the freak stayed in the basement, the teacher was upstairs I was just a helper and race director. I just said,"you may want to take your purses off the floor it may start getting wet" no sooner did I say that and we had the next phase to our triathalon, the wading....through water that was ponding. Then I am in a frantic hurry trying to siphon the crock, up steps a volunteer and you heard that right a volunteer to suck on the hose. The other two of us, were bumping into each other trying to look busy and not interested in the "sucking" job? This heroine went right to it and we had success for about ......a minute?? Water was flowing quite freely all around. I said "let's just get out of here before one of us ends up with curly hair. So then the sprint to the finish line. phones again were ringing and yes we were all OK....getting home was going to be a problem for many!!! What a class!!! I want to thank all of the participants in the first Viking Knitting Triathalon were all great sports and all did well, hey we were finished by 10pm World record for a class at Just 4 Ewe.....and I am hoping everyone got home safe!!! No pictures we were all too concerned with our projects...


Anonymous said...

TG for the volunteer!!!! I had a great time even if Mother Nature decided to rain on our parade....but we showed her who the real women are!!! Finished mine, walked out with a beautiful bracelet, found new way to go home added 15 mintues the ride.....ALL in all I would do it again, except without the rain.....of course

PS Next time wearing a wet suit, Thanks Sandy for being a great teacher

Mari said...

Wow what a trip. I was so tired I went to bed at 7:30 and slept through it all. Thank God the power didn't go out or we might have been swimming. Nice blog - this is the first time I've seen it. Where have I been - sleeping I guess!!!