Friday, July 23, 2010

Things to make you be thankful!!!

Thursday night while I was watching water run into my basement, I am thankful it was clean water. When I went to bed Thursday night and the cable was out, I was thankful that the electric was still on. Friday morning when I was digging through wet stuff, I was thankful that it was not contaminated with feces. When I watched the news I was thankful, it was my basement and not my whole living area. If someone doesn't declare Milwaukee a disaster area there is something wrong. Watching videos of the flooding makes me so thankful all I lost was nothing. A few boxes of things that I should have taken care of years ago. Yes they were antiques but, they must not have been that great because I forgot I had them. It is Sunday and I waited till all the rain moved out of here and will go move stuff around today to avoid mold growing under totes and things. All the rubber matting is up and dried and if I do stuff a little at a time it will be OK. I think I need to consider getting a generator. Living in Wisconsin the main concern would be no heat in Winter. Not that I don't have family to go to but, if a storm is bad enough you won't get there either. Today I am dressing my loom, not in a suit or tutu or anything like that but with the warp I have been winding. It is a long process but I love this part, almost as much as I love weaving. My worst part is over, thanks to a few encouraging customers that kept prodding me on to finish the 178 ends of warp. I will take some photos of the process so you can enjoy the beauty that developes, oh I am not being conceited, the pattern I am following was written by someone else. It is a black and white semi houndstooth check scarf, well three to be exact. In Fall I am going to have a class on Warping on a shoelace, it is a great way to learn to warp your loom if you never tried it. Oh I am sitting on my deck, my secret little spot, with flowers and herbs, a breeze and no bugs. I have a second cup of coffee and Iggy is patroling the area. First time out here in two weeks other than to water the flowers, which by the way are blooming like crazy!!! I love my little corner of the World. I am counting my blessings today!!!!
Video of the flooding

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