Thursday, July 08, 2010

I am back!!!

Three days of total solitude, Iggy doesn't count and a few days with my brother and sister in law. In the woods, in the quiet, one with nature, I went to my church. I needed to renew my spirit and I always can count on nature to do that for me. I am doing the Tour de Fleece, which to me requires me to spin fiber every day, I am trying to do at least one project a day but today after 5 days of spinning I am slacking, I came home and it was hot in here and I slept and had to put stuff away, (because if I don't do it asap it will not get done) It is always great to go but it is so good to come home. I was in the woods and the mosquitos were no where as bad as they are here. They flocked on the windows of the car when I pulled up and when I went to walk Iggy later, I killed two at one time. I downloaded an app on my phone to keep squeetos away, we will see how it works in a few minutes. When I turned it on Iggy was looking around so it makes some sort of sound??? LOL
I spun lots and finished 5 different projects and am on 1/3 of a 3 part spinning, meaning I have one bobbin spun and am going to 3 ply this roving.
Tomorrow the shop will be open and plans will resume to bring the loom upstairs so I am moving yarn around to make room. It is a good thing. I love photography and some of the great photos come from the Great Depression, I have been searching for photos that would capture our Depression. For sale signs?? I went past a village up north and four houses in a row were for sale, this could mean no work or widening the road so I opted not to take that photo. I will keep thinking about this
Eileen Hendrickson a Fiber friend got hit by that tornado in Cambria, no one was hurt but the farm is badly damaged. I know she has been working hard to get a Spinning Mill set up and I am not sure how far she has got on that plan, only to be scorned by this. Her and her family have had a bad 5 years, with health issues and what not, she really deserves a break. She was at Sheep in the City , Coed Mauwer, she used to be Elaines Carding. Please keep her and her family in your prayers, I am going to see if we can help some way.

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