Tuesday, June 29, 2010

If it walks like a duck

Not that I am some financial analyst or anything, but, I blogged a while ago about the empty business's all around this area. Not to mention big companies with big names. Then we have the huge companies that Americans have stood behind for just that reason, threatening to move out of the Country HD comes to mind and Miller always were threatening it's workers. I and all small business's have been taking the hit. Thanks to Knit picks where you can buy lots of cheap stuff from India, a Country where labor is cheap and they don't care if a 6 year old is working 12 hours or not, hey but it's cheap. Or you can go a less concious less route and buy off of someone on the Internet that is doing the same thing but you don't hear about it, so it makes it easier.
I had a woman come into the shop and pick up a yarn and say "I found this online for this price, I want to come to you first...what can you do for me?" 1. I can thank you for the generous insult 2. Tell you this isn't rummagarama 3. Tell you I have overhead to pay and they will look at me like so????
I am not alone, this is happening all over the Country. We will be sorry when the little business's are gone. Remember full service gas stations, you pull up a person comes out fills your tank with gas, washes your windows, checks your oil. You pay and pull away. Lots of us didn't know how to use a gas pump, but the big companies offered cheaper gas if you went to them and look where we are now. I do not know of any full service stations.
Now you can buy yarn on line, well you can go to your LYS and visit to see if it is what you like, then go home, and order on line. If you get stuck on a project you can go to "you tube" they will help you. You don't need us? The yarners that will miss us will be the ones that buy yarn from Big Box stores and come in and ask for help on that yarn....so what does that mean? Those big box stores do not have a "service".
It's like buying a part from Menards, those people have little to no clue, but go to an independent hardware store and they will cut it grind it and glue it for you. Wake up America.....we are in a depression....look around....how many people are out of work? Oh I love this one, the unemployment rate is down.....no it isn't.....the people are out of unemployment....!!!! Soon we will be like India, your kids and grandkids will be working to help out the family....to make ends almost meet. Parents are working two jobs because no one pays enough to be able to live off of one job. Who are raising our children? I know things locally can be more expensive, it is only because we are used to importing from third world countries that is seems more expensive. If you read this you are more than likely some kind of fiber person, you know the work entailed in making something, should you just give it away?? Or sell if for just above your cost?? How long will you last doing that??? How long could you pay the rent/mortgage selling a couple of dollars over cost? I am by no means a wealthy person, I am rich in many ways but money has never been one of them, it isn't a priority for me, but paying my bills is.
A trucking company here in Milwaukee, let go of their billing staff and sent it overseas, because they work cheaper. We use these trucks to ship across America, in America and they let go of Americans to use a Foreign company to do the billing. We as Americans should not use this company or any other company that is doing this. We should also let them know why, we won't use them. One of the telephone companies did that with their service calls or maybe it was a computer company anyway, people couldn't understand them and they complained bitterly that they were not getting proper service and were going to switch plans, and the company switched back.....!!! We have the power to change things!!! You have the power to change things, it starts with you and me. Next time you got to click "Check out" on your computer think about the fact the next job loss may be you or your spouse. We need to think that Americans that wave flags are true Americans, anyone can be a flag waver, but to be a true American we need to support Americans!!!! We need to pay that extra dollar to keep America working. We are in a recession/depression....just look around...if it walks like a duck...it is a duck.

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