Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pretty Sad State...

I have been doing some serious shop watching. Not sure how the areas where you live are but around here there are lots of empty shops and business's. I was on Layton Ave a busy area and right by the airport here in Milwaukee, there were lots of empty business's. It looks rundown and depleted. You go further east and into areas that are well established communities and there are storefronts with Lease signs in them. Faded Lease signs. You pass strip malls and they are empty. Small business's are shutting down at a rapid pace. We need "Change" that change that was the key word in the last election. I listened to Our President say he was going to help the business's in Florida that the tourists are staying away from on the gulf. Business's all over the Country are in need of help. We are all in competition with the internet. We have to compete with prices from someone that sits in their basement or garage and sells over the web. Minimum overhead zero service calls. I remember a nice yarn shop in the area selling yarn that the big box stores sell, every color and it was a unique idea, she sold a service. If you needed help she could help you. She didn't have 40% off coupons, but she taught how to make a project and fix things and if you had a question you could ask? Who do you ask at the 40% off shops??? She had open project nights and had a great following, but service just didn't keep her in business? It is hard for small business's. Look around there are no small little candy shops, ceramic shops, the little shop that was a dream of someone, the shops we grew up with. Quality Candies are closing shops around the area, (that may kill me) So when you go to hit the Check out button on your computer, rethink that decision, can you get that product closer to home??? I am comparing this to the Superhighways that went through our Country. On my last trip to Yarn School we took all back roads through the Midwest. We were disappointed in the lack of sightseeing tourist traps and how many rundown empty business's, we did see what Real America is about. On our way home we took the Freeway, it makes sense I guess, there were all the signs of a tourist haven and trap all along the Superhighway.....sounds like small business's, the Internet is coming through and gone will be all of the quaint little business's that knew your name when you walked in. That when you showed them a broken part on an old piece of equipment, they would go in the back room and come out with another one just like it, but not broken!!! Where you can sit and chat about your kids, life and feel a personal connection. I know you maybe paying a little more for this service but let me tell you something, "you're gonna miss it when it's gone" .

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