Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Storm runner

Yes I am a runner, I run away from storms...I am a certified freak. I spend pretty much of my time in the Summer in the little shelter I have made for me and Iggy. If you are in the shop I will cram you in there too. I do not take chances when it comes to storms. It is under a beam, and below the steps. Last night Eagle Wi got hit by a tornado and the sirens didn't go off, luckily no one was hurt. I can't believe it when i hear about people that stand outside daring it to come their way!!!! When I was a kid we didn't have a basement, this was a very major concern for me, we also had no rooms with out windows, another thing against this house. I also had no idea what direction we were supposed to hide in, I kept forgetting. We had a laundry area when you walked in the back door which was on the east side of the house that we would go to, not that I remember ever going there. My dad was one of those that would stand outside and keep a lookout, he was a tornado expert, or so I thought, he wouldn't let anything happen to us. False hope? One time when I was visiting over there with my baby, the sirens went off, I took Mikey and wrapped him in a wool afghan and sat by the washer and dryer, my thinking was I would protect him from flying glass. My dad was outside as usual and I was pleading for him to come in to safety, so the washer/dryer and refrigerator could fall on us for a quick and sudden death as opposed to becoming a flying person torpedo. He walked into the house and almost stumbled over Mikey and I huddled on the floor, Mike was wrapped up and sweating profusely and dad says "What the hell are you doing? " taking cover, "I mean with that baby, he is suffocating, it 's hot, take that crap off of him?" But, but...you'll be OK, he could see my freak coming out and he said, "Keep it close but don't put it on him right now, it's too hot"
I am still a freak, I have two rechargeable lanterns, a small battery TV, a crank radio, flashlight, comfy chair, knitting, and a jug of water, because we all know how long I would be down there??? Last night I went down as soon as I heard the sirens, I figure earshot is close enough to me, but I didn't stop to pee before I got down there, then it hit me?? I started looking for a place to go, against my better judgement, I went back upstairs to get rid of some nervous water. She's a very freaky girl...

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