Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I ate my way through Monday?

It all started with breakfast and while I was eating breakfast, I read on FB that the Miller's Ladie's retirement lunch was at 11:00am, Oh I want to see everyone. I did some stuff in the morning and had to repair some stuff in the morning and then got gussied up and went to lunch, of course I was there early. I found these ladies are all late, except two....so we sat and waited till 12:30...Ok I did have a list of thing to do, nothing serious. We finally ordered and I got some shrimp Maison swimming in grease, not Oil slick grease but it could have been..I looked at the plate with great hesitation. I was to have dinner later that evening with my cousins and family for their 35th anniversary, I had cake and decorations and this didn't look good. Sometimes when you look at something you know it just may not be the best choice, if you want to be able to leave home??? In a few hours or days??? I looked for a napkin to soak up some of the grease, I actually thought of calling BP and seeing what would work most effectively but obviously they wouldn't know either. I ate it, it was OK tasting, I ate the shrimp first and picked at the soggy sliced potatoes. Round two, it didn't make me sick but now I have to go to dinner again six hours later, I looked at the menu and nothing looked good, but salad and rattlesnake bites???? Then we had cake....ugh, I am toast, I am done, I drank a cup of coffee this morning and have vowed to never eat again. I am excited because my Aunt from Michigan and cousins are coming to see the shop today. Iggy and I had our usual battle with the vacuum cleaner, I vacuum he barks and bites at it and he just never gets used to it...I am sure my neighbors enjoyed the barking and vacuuming going on in the wee morning hours. I am getting hungry from all of this work....did I just say that???

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