Monday, June 07, 2010

Attack of the box

So this morning started out like any other Monday morning, I took Iggy to daycare, stopped for a cup of great Panera coffee, came home. I went right to the basement/studio that I am in the endless process of cleaning and organizing and straightening. Of course I dug out my easel and paints because now that shiny thing ran past and I am a on my way up from the basement to do some Monday Money runs, this is where I spend money like water, the whole day!!! Money here, there and just a little but it sure adds up. Some of you may know I am a tad clostaphobic, not real bad but if I get stuck in a situation I panic and start throwing a fit, fist flying kicking fits. This happens so rarely, but it happens, once I got stuck in an elevator at work, it was shortly after 9 11 and I was with another worker and he could see the panic rising on my face. I said we have to get out of here...NOW!!! He said calmly we'll be OK, I said NO WE WON"T and starting to have darting eyes looking for an escape route. I said use your screwdriver and pry the door open I saw it on TV and he does and my mind goes to being caught between floors and as I am halfway through the door the elevator starts up and cuts me in half and he prys open the door and lo and behold it never left the floor. Ok color me red, but back to my little fit. I am leaving the basement and have a garbage bag in hand and huge empty box that is as tall as I am and as square. Instead of taking two trips, I would rather struggle and juggle this whole mess. So I get to the top of the stairs and the box is stuck in the door, mind you the ONLY way out of the basement, well the only easy this is now a perfect storm for a fit. I push it a little it pushes back, my hand is on the garbage bag and I can see light on the other side but I am stuck and I will die down here and the air is thin and I push again and it won't move, something is pushing back from the other side (not really) Something is going to push me down the steps, I am going to die....da ta da daaaaa on goes the red cape and I start gritting my teeth and push the box through the hole and almost out the front door. I can breath, I can also see it was a large staple hooked on the rug that is now ripped that made me panic. Was it really that horrible that I couldn't put the garbage bag down and just analyze the situation???? Hell to the NO!!!!! Panic Panic red button panic...

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