Sunday, June 13, 2010

Are you serious???

I am one of those people that loves to walk on the beach and collect smooth or odd stones. Honestly I have a fetish for sea glass, but on Lake Michigan it is not always an easy find. I also have had an eye out for Witch rocks, all my looking for most of my adult years has been to find a Witch rock. So after WWKIP day, Angela and I took Iggy to the lakefront thinking we may catch a glimpse of the Air show going on downtown. There was no airshow because of a low hanging ceiling of fog/clouds so we walked along the beach. I said to her outloud, "oh I hope to find a Witch rock!!" I always have hopes of finding a witch rock and she bends over and says "Hey look this rock it has a hole in it" Seriously????? She found a Witch rock?? 2 minutes of walking and SHE didn't even know what a witch rock was??? I was supposed to find it!!! I am looking for come she found it??? I am going to the beach today and looking till I find one!!!!

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