Thursday, June 10, 2010

Revenge of the Hot Flashes

Never speak too soon. I should know this, you go on a diet and say "I will never gain that weight back again" and poof, you get zapped with the fat stick and an extra 10# to boot. Never laugh at someone that has a pimple, "snap" you will have one twice as ugly. Never ever say you are over menopause....hear me never NEVER!!!!
I have a theory, if you went through life getting your period and never having any issues, menopause is going to kick your butt. I have had every and I mean every symptom or whatever of menopause that was ever written on paper. I never had a problem with my period, I got it and that was it, I had friends that would wince in pain for days before and days after, not me, I breezed through it. I was the commercial of swimming, running, riding horses, I didn't miss a beat, then came menopause. At first I laughed at it, it was kind of funny I could feel the heat rise up in me like a cartoon thermometer, whoosh up it came and just as fast it receded. Then I was working under a brew kettle the size of a room, did I mention it was at boiling temp, and then it came the hot flash from hell, that almost killed me, hot outside and hot inside, I almost passed out. I sat on the grating and thought to myself I am not going to die here. I went asap to the Dr and Premarin became my friend, I loved it, I worshipped it, I felt great!!! But when I got a bad batch from Caremark, a batch that didn't even look right, I decided it was time to quit taking fake third World pills. Cold Turkey I went through the withdrawels the red face flushes, the being hot all the time, I also got a streak of curly hair in the back of my head, lovely. I thought last Fall i was pretty much done....Winter is a woman in menopauses friend. The only symptom I didn't get was night sweats, well now I can add that to my list. I wake up hot, not sweating but so darn hot I can't breath. My hot flashes by the way were dibilitating, I could throw up hot, pass out hot, weak in the knees hot, and now they are back. Chocolate is not my friend in this situation, it causes hot flashes. I want Winter back, cold on my face. I think this may be my 5th year without Premarin. Like the little train that could, I will do this I will do this...when you are going through hell keep going.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jan,
I had just starting to deal with menopause symptoms when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After surgery and radiation I was put on Tamoxifen. The longer I was on Tamoxifen, the worse my symptoms, night sweats, hot flashes, basicly feeling like shit. etc. Anyway, after doing some research I read over and over that if you eliminate sugar and white flour (I bet you just stopped reading this). It is seriously hard to do, but I have found that it does work. I usually can't get through the weekend without a dessert or some bread. But when I do eat it (and I do) then I deal with the hot flashes. You can still eat rice, corn tortillas, potatoes. So if you make a sandwich on a corn tortilla, it won't taste as good, but it lets you sleep through the night without a waking up drenched in sweat its worth it.