Thursday, June 03, 2010

What a concept?

Did you know if you don't pay your phone bill they cut it off??? Isn't that a new concept?? I have apparantly everything on auto pay but my shop phone....guess I never got around to putting it on auto pay. I guess a few months ago I knew to pay the bill but suddenly I had a brain fart. Indeed I got a bill which I somehow thought odd, because I was sure I had autopay, so just ignore them and they will...yes shut off your phone, overnight, no dial tone, and the phone doesn't ring, just the answering comes on. My punishment was also to crawl under the counter in the shop and find the modem and reboot it. 20 times, before it dawned on me to call and maybe I am not on autopay???? Did you know your account is overdue???? Well I do now!!! Sometimes I just get hit with the stupid stick one too many times. I am now paid and up and running. I think I have some phone calls to make to get on real auto pay not just "in my mind" and it was working so well, till today.

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