Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

My dad has been gone for over 20 years, but let me tell you something about him. He was the best father ever....I know you are saying you had a great dad, but my dad was better. He was a teacher, he was an inventor, he loved to play, he always loved his family and we did things together all the time. He was an explorer, a woodsmen, he was smart. He was gentle and had a big heart, he was slow to anger, but when he did it was over, he held no grudges. I loved him so much and thought if anything happened to him, my life would end, he died and my life went on. He would have wanted it that way. He was proud of us kids, and we were proud of him. Did I mention I miss him. He loved getting together on Sundays for dinner, watching movies and coffee, pie and a smoke. I have no regrets with my dad, I loved him, he knew it, we were never afraid to say it. When I see other dad's I know how lucky I was, my own son's dad was a absentee father, my dad stepped in and helped raise Mike, did the man things with him, I am glad Mike got to know him. So on this day, I want to let you know I had the best dad ever!!!! It's hard for me to think of him without smiling. Love you dad!!!

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