Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weirdest thing happened on the way to ....

I went out to dinner tonight, I had a hunger for Mexican food, this after vowing to never eat again only this morning. Hey I ate a walnut burger on the grill for lunch and that was it. So I thought I would give this one Mexican restaurant another try. It is huge and runs like a well oiled machine. The workers are all polite and know very little English. So I am eating the chips they serve and watching them clean off tables. As I was watching I quickly removed my eating utensils from the table and put them on my napkin. They were washing off the tables...fine....then they washed off the seats of the chairs, I was impressed and then they went back and wiped off the table again...Oh no you didn't!!!! I am not a germaphobe but come on, they say they find the most fecal matter on seats in a movie theater, what about a restaurant??? Well it get's better, I am eating and the guy next to me but across the table from me is looking at me and I looked and he said, Sorry I am looking at the desserts....now at one time I would have said "just call me sugar" but that was once upon a time and now I was confused when all of a sudden Broomhilda his wife says, why do you keep looking at her, you don' t have to talk to her. Now I look over my shoulder and the huge dessert display is right there and he HAD to look past me to see it and I wanted to shove a tamale in that witches mouth. So she gets louder, "Instead of looking at her, go walk over there and look, you idiot!!!" wow, and mind you this is loud. I wanted to just back hand her but she was bigger than me, and really scary!!! She carried on for what seemed like a long time and I was embarrassed for him, why is beyond me but I was. So her little girl starts dancing right next to me staring at me. It wasn't her fault her mom was an inbred beast, so I say, "Oh what pretty shoes you have on!!!" Have you ever heard of nursemaids elbow where people grab their kids by the hands and dislocate the elbow from a yank....well this poor little girl got yanked off of her feet while Mama Cass started dragging her out. Good bye and go take a chill pill, so I too pay my check and leave thinking they would be long gone....au contraire, she is right ahead of me walking while the little child is dawdling behind her, I cut across the parking lot and I hear the most fowl mouthed language coming from Broomhilda way across the parking lot. She was hollering at her dear hubby for something, not sure what but about that time I would have put the car in reverse and used her for a speedbump.

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