Monday, June 15, 2009

Meet Casper

This my friends is the little bugger I had all of those photos of ....three hours of photos and some how with my clicky fingers deleted him...I set up the tri pod and was going to use the remote, then realized I had to be in front of the camera to use that so I sat behind it and waited and waited and I have about 4 great shots that when you click through them fast look like he is flying!!! I had an awesome day today. My house is clean the rugs are all scrubbed and beautiful....the weather is awesome and now I have to go pick up the Igster at daycare....dinner tonight with the kids. It was Danijelas birthday yesterday and it kind of slipped by me. I am so pumped about the flower photos I got too....really close. I love Georgia O'Keefe and I am capturing the same type of flowers only in photos....I need to take a deep breath....great day

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