Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ducked up!!!

Honest, besides my printer not pulling in paper, but printing perfectly fine...this made me ill. My Monday really sucked, well kind of. I was driving along Puetz rd and crossing the street is a pair of male ducks, stepping into the street on the opposite side of the road is a female duck and car approaching fast is oblivious to Missy duck, duck takes off gets hit by car and flys up in the air and lands in front of my car, I was stopped and watching this in horror. The duck did shake it off and walk away, but as I drove away, my thoughts went to internal bleeding slow I go work in my studio and decide before I pick Iggy up from daycare I may just catch a nap....I turn on TV because nothing can make me sleep better than TV....Weather Alert!! Tornados and bad weather heading straight towards me due to hit where Iggy is about 4:05....I look at the clock and it's 3;30, I have to go pick up my baby, so off I go driving into a blackness. I get to Central Bark and their weather alert goes off, tornado heading due east and should hit about 4:05. I said I'm outta here and drive about 70 miles an hour due east towards home. My phone dings, text message my son " Mom tornados heading right for you take cover" He knows I would be in the basement already but he didn't know I was in the car...crapping my pants. So off go the sirens first in Franklin, then Oak Creek and I am crying now and my son calls and says "head north and pick me up and you will be fine, go north NOW!!!! So I am a freak fest by now and head north passing my home and fearing for my life. ....... by the time I get to downtown Milwaukee the all clear is sounded and it went out over the lake. We ended up having dinner which was very nice and gave me a chance to unwind.

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annie said...

oh crap! I was thinking of you (and your beleaguered sump pump, on Monday when I heard the sirens go off. It looked fine up here, we got some heavy rain that we actually needed, but not nasty weather.

I once drove past a squirrel that had been hit by a car and his back end was no more, but his front end didn't know it yet and he was trying to get up. You know how I hate squirrels. I burst into tears right there in the car.