Saturday, June 06, 2009

Come and Go

This morning I woke up after spending about 3 hours in a chair yesterday, trying to catch the elusive Hummingbird at the feeder, I deleted the photos. I hooked up the camera, downloaded them, watched them upload, deleted the originals, and reformated my card. Poof gone. It made me think about, Casper, the hummingbird. I had some great shots of him...I waited waited for each trip he would make and snapped some shots, lots of shots, over three hours. Gone in a second...We have people in our lives like that. They come into your life and spend time and rub off, thier lives on ours and we intermingle, share things and then without a notice they disappear, not through a disagreement but just happenstance. Lives get in the way of lives. We each leave a piece of of ourselves with another. Our phone calls get less and less and before you know it, we are not close at all anymore. I have a friend that I have known since I was a kid, we were best friends, we still are, but not like we were. I know things change we get married, we get jobs, but why do friendships have to take a hit? I know in my heart, if I picked up the phone and said,"Cindy" she would be here in a heartbeat, and I for her. But we have lost the closeness, I don't know her life anymore, only through brief conversations too long between. That makes me sad....but such is life. Think of all the people who have come and gone, left bits of themselves and taken some too. Treasure the a friend.
There is no photo because Casper is "poof" gone.......

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