Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Poor Susan Boyle

It's a pretty pathetic day when someone that is less than 5'8", not blonde and 105# and 20 something, opens their mouth and people gasp in surprise that they have talent. They make faces in pure disgust or disgruntle because how could someone frumpy be of any good to this earth? What has happened to us? Why can only beautiful people be talented? Susan is pretty much and average Jane. She is the woman that really lives next door. She reportedly is kind and sincere, but now she is on a "rampage" no kidding. They are hounding her to death. How could you be so ugly and sing so beautifully, it's like a freak show. Let's get a look at her, does she go home and change into a swan? Does she eat normally, one thing they can't get is a photo where she looks bad without makeup....she has the Enquirer puzzled. We certainly have sunk to a new low. I think she is a talented woman, the surprise was that they even let her get on TV. We have set such an unattainable standard for our children, let's face it we are not all beautiful, thin and talented. Heaven forbid you wear glasses, or have pimples, just a normal growing up bain. I can only imagine Susan's life from mundane, to being stalked at every corner, who wouldn't need rehab. She was asked on TV if she was excited about getting a free makeover, hhhmmm you know maybe she is comfortable in her body? Maybe she doesn't see herself as a freak. I think the saving grace for most of us is we do become comfortable in our skin, first off what option would we have? If you don't have a million dollars, surgery is not an option, braces was something that was iffy. Every day when we look in the mirror, we may pull a cheek to see if it would look better taunt, but really, I love my wrinkles, everyone means something, some stress in my life that I went through. No surgery is going to fix that. We have to readjust our values on worth. We are all worth so much. We all have talents and value, no face in the World can change that. We need to stop being judged by our outter skin and see what is beneath. We could be missing a whole lot and think how many normal people may come with talents they thought weren't worth sharing.


Janyce said...

Gee, I think I had a awful lot of stresses in my life. I can't say I love my wrinkles, but I am going to try to look at them in a whole new light. Thanks!!!!

Kelly Albrecht said...

Amen sister preach it!!! Too bad there are sooo many people in todays world who only see the outer person and not the true beauty within each and everyone of us has.