Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I love my coffee, my favorite is Alterra, a local roaster. When Alterra first came on the scene, they were adamant about using old buildings in the city and rejuvenating them into coffee shops. Like all good intentions they got corporatized and started building new buildings, the industrial looking type that lack the warmth of old used places. Well anyway, I don't mind paying for a good cup of Joe. So Micky D's keeps claiming their coffee is better now.....better than what I would like to know. I just went through the drive through for a cup of coffee and it is burnt, it is old, it is crap. By the way I look across the lot to Starbucks, did someone say we are in a recession?? There was a line of 8 cars waiting to buy $4.00 a cup minimum coffee that sucks too. My theory is put enough cream and sugar and syrup and chocolate and whipped cream and it will taste good. No doubt. I drink my coffee black, so I can taste my coffee. I found out that the burnt taste is to cover cheap coffee beans? I don't like strong high acid coffee, I love a mild tasty cup of coffee. So I will be spilling this garbage down the sink. I will be making my own coffee this morning and enjoying it for about .35 cent a cup....?


Anonymous said...

I too drink my coffee black and can not stand the fact that some companies feel it is okay to serve coffee that has been standing on the warmers for hours!

Annie said...

I keep a jar by the front door for loose change and when it starts to look promising, I take it to the coinstar machine at Pick N Save and load up my starbucks card.

I like their tea a lot, but I also buy the boxed tea and make it at home because 2 bucks for a cup of tea is just silly every day!

I can't do their coffee at all, caf or decaf, it makes me feel like I got punched in the stomach.

Lindy-lou said...

When I read your opinion of McAwful Coffee I knew I was in good company!
I prefer Starbux to Alterra and like the Ancorra from Madison very much, but nothing, not even going coffee-less all day allows McAwful's near me.
Can McA's really be doing good biz in coffee? People buy it even after they've tasted it? That's hard to swallow!