Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm back!!!

Hello Hello Hello....I had the best time and can't wait to go back. I may have to drag some new bodies along to share the fun. I met a bunch of new women and Spinning enthusiasts. Now to explain the photo above...upon leaving YS..I saw a buffallo ranch and screamed at Martha who was driving...STOP, they may sell fiber from Kansas buffallo....Martha droned with a little Kansas accent, "they won't have fiber, only meat" never know they may have insight into a cash crop...let's check. So out saunters this tall lanky guy, usual tractor hat on and I blurt with excitement..."Do you have any wool from the buffallo, you know fiber, hair????? he puts his long fingers up to his chin and gives it a little rub.."hhhmmm seems the dogs had some the other day, hold" he holds out this 1 foot piece of matted buffallo fur" me...Oh thanks that is good, I can work with this? So he places it in a bag for me, I did notice he was wearing heavy leather gloves...and I sealed the bag. Off we went and while unloading the car I found the buffallo toupee and "What the heck is this in the bag?? it had a cigarette butt with it.....nice!!! So I am going to make something beautiful from my Kansas Buffallo minus the butt!!!!
I'm sure he went in to his family at dinner (if he waited that long) and said (Some city nuts stopped by today.....wanted some wool.....that's when the whole family started rolling on the floor laughing)

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