Sunday, May 17, 2009

First Sunday closed

Today is my first Sunday closed....I woke up at 6:ish and we went for a walk. I am savoring my first cup of coffee and deciding what course I am going to take today. Now I never plan, but I do list things that I need to do. Cleaning house is one of them and finish unpacking and taking my mom out for a belated Mother's day.
My baby (Iggy) is acting like a real good puppy. I think that leaving him with someone else for a few days has changed him. One, he no longer wants to go potty on his spot on the deck, he wants to take a walk and do his duty. I need the walk too. He now sleeps with me out of his cage...and he stays in bed all night. His pen is gone from the shop and he walks around like he owns it and for the most part leaves the yarn alone, unless of course he gets bored. He sleeps in his bed in the shop and when people come in he goes to meet them. He will run out the door if given the chance but after all he is a puppy and boys will be boys. Why is it when you try to teach a child/dog something they totally ignore you. I do remember someone telling me you can try to teach your dog something and all of a sudden they reach a certain age and it all clicks. I think my baby has reached that age!!! It is getting easier to be his mom and I am not constantly saying NO No ....but it isn't over yet I'm sure....

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