Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank you Veterans, for my Freedom

Not just today but everyday, please remember to Thank a Veteran for your freedom. In some Countries, I would not be able to own my own business as a woman. I would not be able to vote, choose my clothing, speak in public. As a woman i would be lower than snake belly. I know how lucky I am, and it has not come without a cost. People have given their lives so I can do these things. I know a Thank you is a small token, but I do remember you, and will always respect you for what you have given me. No matter why, or when, you have left your family's to protect mine. Right or Wrong, you have gone at your Countries request, to do something you will never forget. It will live on in your mind forever. It was not just a two year stint it was a lifetime. You have come back with scars that may or may not be visible. I thank you for your hardship, because of you I can write this without fear, because of you I can walk the streets alone, without a male companion, without a black robe covering my whole body. Thank you every day not just today, everyday!!!! Remember to hug a Veteran and say a prayer for our Soldiers all over the World fighting to keep us safe.
Knit a hat for the Veterans Christmas Party in December. I am collecting them here at the shop!!!!

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Kim Leach said...

That was perfect, couldn't have been said better. There are many people we need to thank for what we take for granted, we are a lucky people.