Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Culprit

This morning for whatever reason I woke up with a renewed interest in my Barbie doll. I remembered she had a knitting outfit with a bowl of yarn and a book as accessories. After our morning walk I brought out my coveted blue Barbie wardrobe, the one that after 50 years the handle snapped off, leaving a sharp piece of plastic to scratch the hell out of you. Inside is a treasure of Barbie outfits, the Skater, the Airline Stewardess, the seductress, the teacher and so much more. For all the bad rap Barbie got she really did let little girls know they could be more than a Mom.....I never remember looking at her and feeling negative about me...oh yes I did, I wanted her Platnum Blonde Bubble hair.....this is not my first Barbie but it was the one that I loved most. I had the first one that came in a black and white striped bathing suit, with a blond pony tail that my sister took out and restyled and it never looked good again. She had hoop earring, which I noticed this Barbie is missing her one pearl earring and one shoe and the knitting bowl, but not the "How to Knit" book. I wonder how many little girls showed an interest in knitting, after they got Knitting Barbie outfit. I also have some handmade outfits from a friend of mines mom, My mom actually knit my Barbie a sweater with teeny needles and I have that too, the moths or silverfish did a little buffet on all my wool outfits, so the sweater you see is actually hole ridden and putting those pointy fingered hands into a holey sweater was a real treat. So today Barbie sis visiting the shop.....!!

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Eskiemomma said...

I think I still have a "Midge doll & my Mom's Barbie doll". How about we have a barbie play date???? LOL